two hippie mamas, walking individual paths, sharing words of wisdom along the way…

About Us

Hazel & Thyme has gracefully manifested out of a mutual love of herbs and natural living, conversations about life, spirituality, and motherhood, and a deep desire to honor the divine feminine in today’s overwhelmingly patriarchal culture. Our intention is to bring women together in community, and to offer support for all– no matter where you are on your life journey.


reiki master, folk herbalist, birth educator

Jasia is a home-birthing mother of three, reiki master, herbalist, homesteader, and lover of all things vintage and handmade. She is the owner of Folk Alchemy in Lisbon, Iowa; which focuses on earth medicine, energy healing & trainings, women’s circles, birth classes, and intuitive guidance. She is passionate about sovereign being, incorporating ceremony and ritual into daily life, and is working toward building a physical space to host a community of like-minded people to connect in real life.


300RYT, RPYT, birth doula, apprentice midwife, folk herbalist

Lindsey is a hippie, yogini mama, living off grid in the midwest with her family. She owns a women’s wellness business focused on birth services, women’s circles, and herbal preparations. The birth of her oldest daughter was the beginning of a spiritual awakening that deeply connected Lindsey to her intuition, and took her on a journey that culminated with the undisturbed, autonomous birth of her second daughter. The wisdom revealed from her pregnancies deeply influenced the way she lives today. Her approach to health and healing weaves together ancient wisdom for the modern woman. She is passionate about self sufficiency, physiological birth, wild mothering, medicine from the earth, intuitive movement, and creating meaningful connections in her community.

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